Karen Hackel Quotes

Top 11 wise famous quotes and sayings by Karen Hackel

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Karen Hackel quotes: Hope is a journeyInto an enchanted tomorrow Hope is a journey
Into an enchanted tomorrow
Karen Hackel quotes: Each day is a giftTo embrace and welcome Each day is a gift
To embrace and welcome
Karen Hackel quotes: You are beholdenTo the truthIt is the wayIt is the pathIt is your destinyTo be trueIs to be You are beholden
To the truth
It is the way
It is the path
It is your destiny
To be true
Is to be
Karen Hackel quotes: The past embraces the futureThe future embraces the pastThey are both intertwinedLinked in all eternity The past embraces the future
The future embraces the past
They are both intertwined
Linked in all eternity
Karen Hackel quotes: The key is loveIt is the gatewayTo hopeTo joyTo enhanced livingLove is the answer The key is love
It is the gateway
To hope
To joy
To enhanced living
Love is the answer
Karen Hackel quotes: Loving oneselfIs the most primalOf all survival mechanisms Loving oneself
Is the most primal
Of all survival mechanisms